Past Exhibits


Burning Man Art Installation at Playa Alchemy and Future Camp
Wall Street Solo Exhibit, NYC
Elements Festival Collaborative Art Experience, PA
Future of Creativity Exhibit, NYC
Catharsis Art Activism Installation, DC
Art With Me, Tulum Mexico
Silicon Valley Tech Event, CA
OnCanal Exhibit with Layla Love
The Get Down Live Artists

Chase Contemporary
William Vale Hotel Exhibit with Peace Accelerators
Lot 45 Solo Exhibit
Art Basel Miami
Union Square Art Exhibit, NY
Lightning in a Bottle Live Painters
Coral Reef in the Gulf of Thailand - Press
Eco-Playground Project with Burmese Refugee Camp
Solo Show in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Knockdown Center Art Exhibit, NY

Elements Festival Gallery, PA
Burning Man Artist Installation, Black Rock City, NV
Lightning in a Bottle Live Artists and Gallery, CA
Lucidity Gathering Live Artists, CA
Gratitude Migration Gallery, PA
The DL Art Exhibit, NY
RPM Festival on Governor's Island, NY

1 Year in South East Asia working with Khmer, Thai, Burmese woodcarvers
Art Exhibit in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Burning Man Art Installation, Black Rock City, NV
Mova Art Gallery with Android Jones
Serenity Festival - Sananda Gallery, CA
Lightning in a Bottle, CA
Lucidity Festival, CA