Building with Refugee Communities

In 2018, The Art Rising visited MRM Refugee Camp which is a Burmese Refugee Camp of Karen and Rohingya ethnic groups.
There are 11,000 people in each camp and 8 camps total in Thailand.
They have been living there for 30+ years.

We went there to connect, learn about their situation and find out how we could give back.
We locally sourced bamboo and worked with 9 Karen Men and our team of 8 to build an eco-playground made completely of rope and bamboo.
Our intention was to connect through play and creating together.
We built many strong friendships and a deep love for the Karen people.

We listened to many of their tragic stories of how they ended up in the camp.
We learned that all of them desire freedom and justice.
We learned that the cannot leave, work or cultivate on the land.
We envision returning to the camps to build with them more throughout the years.
We hope to discover a model for greater sovereignty for refugee communities.

Our next projects will be co-creating art installations in the camps that can serve as vertical farms and create free energy systems that can fuel internet, creativity and education.

We hope that one day, the world will see the value, strength, abilities, determination and love in these people.
We hope one day they can call the world their home.
One day, they will feel free.

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