Journey to the West 28" x 45" Giclee
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Journey to the West 28" x 45" Giclee

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28" by 45" 
Ready for Gallery Wrap, Will be Mailed in a Tube
Hand Embellished
Fibonacci Dimensions
Signed and Limited Edition of 18

A Journey to the West, inspired by the story of Ramayana. As the sun rises in the East, we are born. Journeying over mountains, protected by our own humanness and desire to realize, and across life to the setting of the sun in the West, our death - or life again...

It is about love, the masculine and feminine, and the ego and the self. When our own positive and negative energies come together, churning for a common goal of self transformation, we may not destroy our demons, but we can learn to live above them. When we withdraw our senses and bring our mind into oneself, we can become impenetrable, like the turtles shell, but tender and compassionate on the inside.

As war commences, and there are sounds and cries of the human world around us, we may see, feel, and surrender to it... but if we seek, we may receive something Divine. That there is hope, there is work to be done. And there is a beautiful journey inwards that manifests our outer world.

The many faces of the Queens of the Khmer empire built one of the most socially sound and largest civilizations in the Ancient and Modern world. Women and Men had rights to education, healthcare, political power and property ownership. Carvings in the Angkor temples depict the Queens themselves teaching students. They encouraged aristocrats to be charitable by offering merit and honor from heavens. They practiced Mahayana Buddhism which called the royals to enlighten themselves, but more importantly take these messages to their entire population.

The many arms of Guanyin, the goddess of compassion, brings harmony, purity and peace. She once vowed to never rest until she freed all sentient beings from samsara. Hearing the overwhelming needs in the world, her head split into 11 pieces, helping her to better comprehend them. Divine gave her a thousand arms to relieve the suffering of many. She expresses the infinite source of mercy and love.

And Love.... love heals all.

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